Special Events

What would a fair be without a little friendly competition? At the Berlin Fair, contestants of all ages can draw on a wide range of talents (or those of their babies or pet frogs and turtles) in pursuit of first prize.

Baby Contest

Bring your baby to this competition to determine if you have the youngest, chubbiest, friendliest, or if your baby has the best smile. Prizes go to the following groups:
Class 1 (up to 1 year old)

  • Youngest
  • Chubbiest
  • Best Smile

Class 2 (up to 2 years old)

  • Friendliest
  • Chubbiest
  • Best Smile

Blueberry Pie Eating Contest

The blueberry pie eating contest is open to everyone aged 4 to 12. Winners are awarded in two groups, those aged 4-7 and those aged 8-12.

Children Tractor Pull

On the blacktop children can ride tractors around a course.

Space WheelCircus Smile & Aerial Thrill Show

Have fun and enjoy this aerial thrill show as members of the circus do stunts in the sky.

Frog Jump Contest

Bring your pet frog and see how far it can jump. Start training now to see how far your frog can go after three jumps. On Saturday children may bring their amphibious friends and on Sunday adults may bring theirs.
Prizes for the ADULT frog jumping contest (contestants 18 yrs. or older)

  • First Prize: $75.00
  • Second Prize: $50.00
  • Third Prize: $25.00

fireworksFireworks Spectacular

Watch over the skies of the fairgrounds as we launch fireworks to celebrate another year.

Hypnotist Comedy Show – Dan LaRosa

Dan LaRosa’s Comedy Hypnotist Show is a great time to sit, relax, and laugh. Dan LaRosa will hypnotize members from the audience and put them through hysterical scenes.

Marching Bands

The Berlin High School Band, Drill Team & Color Guard perform selections from their halftime show. While the McGee Middle School Spartan Marching Band performs some songs from their selections.

The Marvelous Mutts

The Marvelous Mutts, A Canine Spectacular, is a thrilling dog sport entertainment show that showcases some of the world’s finest canine athletes. The dogs amaze audiences as they flip and fly to snatch flying discs out of the air, race through obstacle courses with breathtaking speed, and launch themselves off a dock to catch a toy before it splashes into a pool of water.

Bike ShowMountain Bike Stunt Demonstrations

The Eastern Action Sports Teams Stunt Show is an action-packed presentation of what is possible on a mountain bike. Watch as the team maneuvers a custom set of obstacles and ramps during this high-energy feature!

Nail Driving Contest

Can you hammer in two nails faster than your friends? Compete in this competition to show off your strength. Men and women compete in their own division.
Prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize: 20 lb. Turkey
  • Second Prize: 10 lb. Turkey
  • Third, Fourth, & Fifth Prizes: Stanley Hammers

Log_rollingPaul Bunyan Lumberjack Show

This action-packed Lumberjack Show features log rolling, log rolling dogs, chopping, sawing, axe throwing, dragster chainsaw, tree climbing. All with World Champion Lumberjacks, and much, much more! The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show is a historical, educational, humorous show, filled with audience participation.

Racing Pigs

Several times throughout the day you can watch pigs race through a course.

Turtle Race

Children may bring their turtles and race them against the others. The first turtle to the finish line wins!

Quilting and Spinning Demonstration

Learn the basics of making yarn with a spinning wheel. There will be a variety of fiber to show how to go from plain undyed sheep wool, to commercially prepared and dyed wool. There will be samples of alpaca fiber, and yarn made from dog fur.

Xtreme Team Bullriders

Come watch three days of excitement as 24 world class bull riders from Xtreme Team Bullriders take on some of the toughest bulls on earth in three rounds of man vs beast.

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