What better way to make a fair come alive than with some great music. Year after year, the Berlin Fair hosts concerts by top musical acts that will have you singing along.


Friday, 5:00-8:00pm — Concert Stage

KICK was conceived strictly for fun, as a side project for its members’ well-established original bands. But they quickly earned a reputation as “easily the top show band in New England…live, they actually look, perform, and sound better than a lot of the original artists” (Music News Express) and “the most professional modern rock cover band I’ve ever seen. Masterful.” (Hartford Advocate). In national auditions, MTV Cover Wars called KICK “Perfect” and VH1’s Ultimate Cover Band Challenge concurred they are “an outstanding band.” From Taylor Swift to Metallica, the band guarantees their audience members will go home having heard at least one song they like. If not several dozen. Today, KICK is widely regarded as one of the most talented, high-energy and diverse rockshows in North America. KICK is celebrating its 20th year with a major national tour sponsored by Coors Light, Ovation Guitars, Hype Energy Drink, and Splawn Amplification.

“Kick it Out” Heart Tribute Band

Saturday, 3:30-6:00pm — Concert Stage

Kick it Out A Tribute to heart band was formed in 2009 and is based in the Philadelphia, PA/South Jersey Area. Born out of a sincere respect, admiration and love of HEART and the timeless music written by Ann and Nancy Wilson. Kick it Out is a collection os seasoned, accomplished musicians and performers with national and international experience who have had a strong presence in the tri-state area for many years.

1974 Band

Saturday 6:30-9:00pm — Concert Stage

1974 is a five-piece progressive rock band from Newington, Connecticut. Since 2007, the band has been awing audiences with high-energy, memorable, story-driven music. 1974’s multiple award-winning music has been performed at venues and festivals across New England and has reached international audiences as far as Europe, Asia and South America. Against a backdrop of powerful guitar riffs, rich vocal harmonies and catchy melodies, 1974’s Lazer Trilogy tells the story of a futuristic Earth, struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of a devastating galactic war. A controversial technology is developed that can clone the human mind into infinite hosts. “1974 & The Echoes of War” narrates the story’s pivotal moment. The technology falls into the wrong hands, starting a chain reaction that eventually leads to a decisive battle for humanity’s survival. Characters in the narrative are confronted with uncertainty, responsibility, and the question of what being human really means.

Presley and Taylor

Sunday 1:30pm — Concert Stage

Country music’s sister duo Presley & Taylor embrace the sound of stone cold country music with a fresh twist and unmistakable sister harmonies. Their music resonates with audiences from two to ninety-two and is centered on the good things in life. Presley & Taylor are sisters 19 and 17 years of age. They were born in Connecticut and raised in a small farm town. While growing up, the girls spent plenty of time with their musical family listening to the chosen genre of country music where they soaked up the influences of country music’s greatest icons.

LANco Band

Sunday 3:30pm — Concert Stage

LANco is the familiar, couched in the extraordinary. LANco is a connection to community built by the bonds of music. They are five best friends making music and working to create something bigger while grinding it out on the road to build an identity. Through this, they became Lancaster & Company, now known as LANco. Everyone touched by their music becomes part of the Company. The band is nothing without the Company. The musical mission statement: every day in every way, throw one hell of a Company party.

On the Serious Side Band

Friday 6:30-9:30pm — Blacktop Stage

As life long loyal Tower of Power (TOP) fans and many personal friends of TOP band members. Just as many great cover bands across the states play songs by TOP, On the Serious Side has taken to the highest level. We have authentically tailored our show, playing the special versions of their classic’s only heard at TOP live shows. We have a dynamic 5 piece horn section, Hammond B-3, rock solid rhythm section, all behind soulful lead and backing vocals.

Colin Axxxwell Band

Saturday 1-3pm — Blacktop Stage

Colin Axxxwell is a New England country force to be reckoned with. Growing up in New Mexico in the late 80’s, his original music is heavily influenced by the first generation of crossover country and is regularly infused with elements of metal, pop and rock. In just his sophomore year, Colin is already making waves in the local live music scene.

Coyote River Band

Saturday 6:30-9pm — Blacktop Stage

Coyote River Band is celebrating more than five years of keeping the party going with modern country and classic rock favorites. Coyote River Band is a group of talented musicians who put their heart and soul into every song and have a knack for connecting with every audience. They have had the pleasure of performing for the greatest crowds at the best venues throughout New England and are thrilled to be making new country music fans at every show.

Gene Taylor (Fabulous T Birds keyboard player) /Chris Ruest Trio

Friday 5:30 – 9pm — Lions Pavilion

Carl Ricci & 706 Union Avenue

Saturday 1 – 4:30pm — Lions Pavilion

Danny Draher Band

Saturday 5 – 8pm — Lions Pavilion

The Coffee Grinders

Sunday 1:30 – 5:30pm — Lions Pavilion