Pulls / Draws

It all comes down to bragging rights: Whose truck, tractor, or livestock can haul the most tonnage. Five separate competitions will take place to determine the winners.

And while the categories are very different, each contest traces its roots to the 1860s when farming machines were pulled by horse, and farmers would boast about the strength of their horses. The farmers would make lofty claims, then challenge one another to contests to see who had the strongest horse. The tradition is alive and well at the Berlin Fair.

Horse Drawing Contest

  1. All horses must have a negative Coggins test within 12 months of the show date.
  2. Horses stabled out of state must have a Certificate of Health.
  3. The Eastern Draft Horse Association Rules will prevail. The boat must be drawn 6 feet except when determining the winners.  All teams in Class 1 and Class 2 to be weighed in at the Berlin Fair Grounds Friday.
  4. Each Team not receiving a premium to receive $30.00. Team must be hooked.
  • Class 1 – 3100 lbs. – 3125 lbs.
  • Class 2 – 3300 lbs. – 3325 lbs.
  • Class 3 – Free for All
  • First: $280.00, Trophy, and Rosette
  • Second: $240.00 and Rosette
  • Third: $200.00 and Rosette
  • Fourth: $175.00 and Rosette
  • Fifth: $150.00 and Rosette
  • Sixth: $120.00 and Rosette
  • Seventh: $100.00 and Rosette
  • Eighth: $90.00 and Rosette

Miniature Horse Drawing Contest

Each team not receiving a premium to receive $30.00.

Team must be hooked.

  • Class 1 – 34″
  • Class 2 – 36″
  • First: $130.00, Trophy, and Rosette
  • Second: $120.00 and Rosette
  • Third: $100.00 and Rosette
  • Fourth: $90.00 and Rosette
  • Fifth: $75.00 and Rosette
  • Sixth: $60.00 and Rosette
  • Seventh: $50.00 and Rosette

Oxen and Cattle Drawing Contest

All cattle in this class must be tuberculin tested. Exhibitors must have the papers available.

Cattle to be weighed in at the Berlin Fair Grounds.

Connecticut Ox Owners and Drivers Association Rules will prevail.

Use of plastic and fiberglass stick is prohibited! No face whipping will be allowed. Novice class welcome to hitch in lightest class but not eligible for hitching premium.

Each team not receiving a premium to receive $30.00. Team must be hooked.

  1. 2451 to 2850 Class
  2. 2851 to 3250 Class
  3. Over 3250 Class
  4. 2000 to 2450 Class
  • First: $220.00, Trophy, Rosette
  • Second: $180.00 and Rosette
  • Third: $150.00 and Rosette
  • Fourth: $130.00 and Rosette
  • Fifth: $100.00 and Rosette
  • Sixth: $90.00 and Rosette
  • Seventh: $80.00 and Rosette
  • Eighth: $70.00 and Rosette

Pony Pull

Connecticut Draft Pony Association Rules will prevail.

Each team not receiving a premium to receive $30.00.

Team must be hooked.

  1. Pony Pull Under 46″
  2. Pony Pull Under 50″

Class 1

  • First: $240.00, Trophy, and Rosette
  • Second: $200.00 and Rosette
  • Third: $175.00 and Rosette
  • Fourth: $140.00 and Rosette
  • Fifth: $110.00 and Rosette
  • Sixth: $90.00 and Rosette
  • Seventh: $80.00 and Rosette

Class 2

  • First: $220.00, Trophy, and Rosette
  • Second: $180.00 and Rosette
  • Third: $150.00 and Rosette
  • Fourth: $110.00 and Rosette
  • Fifth: $90.00 and Rosette
  • Sixth: $80.00 and Rosette
  • Seventh: $70.00 and Rosette

Tractor Pull

  • Cut tires are only allowed in the 6.5mph class. Cut tires are not allowed in the 3.5mph class.
  • The horn can stay on as long as you want before the 50ft cone. After the 50ft cone the horn can beep twice. The first time you have to slow down in an appropriate amount of time. The second time you’re disqualified.
  • The first puller will be the test puller. He has the option to keep the hook or come back right away. You have to let the flagger know before you leave the track if you’re coming back. If the next tractor hooks up and pulls you have kept your hook and that will be your recorded distance.
  • If there’s over 50 hooks each tractor is only allowed to pull in 4 classes. That can be four different weight classes at the same speed or jumping from different speeds in the weight class. If under 50 hooks you can pull unlimited classes.
  • Hitch height may be no greater than 20 inches from the ground with a 2.5-inch opening.
  • Tractor must have a functioning governor at all times as determined by a ten second wide open no load test.
  • Functional wheelie bars are required for your safety.
  • Every tractor with driver must be weighed at time of registration. There will be a 50lb weight allowance.
  • Limit one tractor and one driver per weight class.
  • Driver must remain seated while pulling.
  • No jerking the chain (for your safety) and please No digging holes (it takes time to fill).
  • Hitch height is measured at final weigh in.  If a tractor is found to be in violation of this rule, the tractor will be disqualified from that class.
  • Hook-up man is not to approach tractor until driver has tractor in neutral and has raised his hands.
  • Tractor tires must remain within boundaries of the track.  If the boundaries are exceeded as determined by the pit crew the tractor will be disqualified.
  • Driver order will be assigned prior to the start of the class.  All drivers must abide by this order.  If a driver pulls out of order, that pull will not count and the driver must pull again in the correct order.  The only exception to this rule is a legitimate mechanical breakdown.  To be determined by the pit boss.
  • Track will be groomed as needed as determined by the pit crew.
  • The track official or event organizer will make all final judgment calls.
  • Please be careful! Have a good time! and don’t get hurt!

We have 12 classes of pulling. These are broken down as follows:

3.5mph 6.5mph
3500lbs 3500lbs
4500lbs 4500lbs
5500lbs 5500lbs
6500lbs 6500lbs
7500lbs 7500lbs
8500lbs 8500lbs

Truck Pull

Applies to all classes, pullers & crew persons

  1. Helmets required when in truck and on track for competition. Seatbelts are required and must be worn during competition.
  2. All pulling vehicles are required to have a minimum of 2.5 lb. fire extinguishers which are fully charged. Extinguishers must be within reach of the driver.
  3. All drivers must have a valid state drivers license.
  4. No passengers allowed while competing on track.
  5. Any contestant under 18 must have written consent from parent or guardian. Minimum age for competition is 16 years old.
  6. No batteries are allowed inside cab of the vehicle unless they are in a marine battery box and secured to the vehicle frame. Batteries in engine compartment must be secure.
  7. Contestant may not be allowed to participate for reasons including but not limited to drinking alcohol, drugs, illness, etc. Consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited for pullers and crew persons during event.
  8. The first puller in the class will be test puller. The test puller may accept their distance, come immediately back or drop to last position. Puller must notify flagger at end of track before driving off track if they want to keep first pull or come back and when they want to hook (immediately or move to end).
  9. All pulling vehicles must pass a tech inspection and meet all safety requirements before they can pull at any event. The CT Truck Pullers tech official retains the right to inspect any vehicle at any time. Refusal will result in disqualification. Tech official can refuse the participation of a puller due to safety concerns.
  10. All vehicles using an automatic transmission must have a positive gear lockout.
  11. Drivers or crew persons must be seated and in control of the pulling vehicle any time motor is started or running.
  12. All trucks will drive over scale to be weighed and measure hitch height before hooking to sled in their respective class.
  13. CT Truck Pullers executive committee reserves the right to refuse any competitor the right to attend or participate at any event.
  14. All pulls will start with a tight chain. No jerking of sled is permitted. Excessive jerking of the sled will result in disqualification.
  15. Out of bounds, this is described as any part of the pulling vehicle touching the white boundary line or cones will be disqualified.
  16. Loss of weight on track will cause disqualification.
  17. The use of nitrous is prohibited.
  18. Unsportsmanlike conduct at any CT Truck Pullers event or on social media is unacceptable and will be cause for reduction in points and/or disqualification as deemed fit by the CT Truck Pullers executive committee.
  19. All pulling vehicles must have adequate stopping brakes.
  20. Hitch requirements: Max hitch height is 26” from ground(unless otherwise noted in class rules for weight handicap), minimum 3” hook opening in hitch, hitch hook point must be beyond rear frame rails.
  21. Points: 15 points for first place, 14 points for second place and so on for each place thereafter with points dropping by 1 for each place. Each truck that has a measurable pull beyond 15 successful pulls will receive 1 point for pulling.
  22. You must be a paid member by our second points pull to be eligible to acquire points.
  23. If a pull is cancelled due to rain, etc after pullers have showed up, each eligible truck that is present will receive 3 points.
  24. Final decision rests with CT Truck Pullers tech official and executive committee!

Factory Stock Gas 4×4 6800lb

  1. Weight max is 6800lb with driver.
  2. Full interior required.
  3. No race fuel or nitrous.
  4. Dual wheels allowed(if factory), max tread width 52”.
  5. No wheel spacers.
  6. Tires must be DOT approved street tires.
  7. No front end lockers.
  8. No welded rears or spools.
  9. Factory limited slip acceptable.
  10. Ladder bars allowed.
  11. Factory ignition, No aftermarket ignition boxes.
  12. Only OEM fuel injection, 750 max carb size, no spacers on carb.
  13. Must have full exhaust system & end behind cab, headers allowed.
  14. No rear suspension blocking, no air bags more than 50lb.
  15. Factory motor.
  16. Reese style hitch, no drawbars or trick hitches, Hitch MUST be in factory location.
  17. Drive shaft u-joints must be duct taped.
  18. Any factory stock gas truck that exceeds the weight limit of 6800lb for this class, after removing all unnecessary parts(i.e. tailgate, spare tire, etc.) can weigh up to 7200lb BUT will have to pull with a 22” max hitch height.

Street Stock Gas 4×4 6200lb

  1. Weight max is 6200lb with driver.
  2. No race fuel or nitrous.
  3. Duals allowed(if factory), max tread width 52”.
  4. Tires must be DOT approved street tires.
  5. No wheel spacers.
  6. Small blocks aluminum heads allowed, big blocks cast heads only.
  7. Interior must have dashboard, dashpads, door panels & cranks, OEM bench or bucket seats(no race buckets). Floor mats, carpet, head liner, sun visors, glove box are optional.
  8. OEM style transmission & transfer case, no square cut gears.
  9. Carburetor 4150 base, max 1000 cfm or aftermarket fuel injection allowed.
  10. Max of 2” carb spacer.
  11. Engine max cubic inch 502.
  12. Exhaust must be past cab, muffler required.
  13. Fuel cells allowed but must be safely secured & not allowed in cab, no further back than wheel wells.
  14. Weight: no further ahead than end of front stock frame rails, must be secure, allowed in cab in safe manner except for driver side floor, no weight in engine compartment.
  15. Must have DOT approved steering.
  16. Must have factory braking system.
  17. Reese style hitch, no drawbars or trick hitches.
  18. 1” spacing on suspension.
  19. Drive shaft u-joints must be duct taped.
  20. Must have working belt driven alternator.

Enhanced Gas 4×4 6500lb

  1. MANDATORY: All drivers must have a valid state driver’s license
  2. Class weight is MAX 6,500 lbs max. with driver.
  3. Ballast: Ballast is permitted. All ballast must be behind the front grill or securely mounted in rear bed. Ballast in cab permitted if secure.
  4. Batteries: The batteries must be securely mounted. They may not be located in the driver compartment or forward of the radiator core support.
  5. Body: The body must be an OEM truck body, including the full bed floor. The body must retain full sheet metal. Metal aftermarket hoods are permitted. The hood must be closed and securely latched while the vehicle is hooked to the sled. The complete OEM firewall and complete OEM floor pan is mandatory. Must have hood, grill, and fenders in place as intended by manufacturer. Complete OEM firewall with no hole is required.
  6. Bumpers: Front bumpers must be unaltered OEM or equivalent. No homemade bumpers allowed. Brush guards or lower plow frames are allowed as long as they appear unaltered.
  7. Brakes: Four-wheel hydraulic brakes are mandatory.
  8. Chassis: The OEM chassis is mandatory. The engine must be in the OEM location for the body used. The vehicle must retain the full OEM chassis. Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis, etc. are prohibited.
  9. Cooling System: Radiators must be in the vicinity of the stock location and be of at least stock size.
  10. Driveline: An OEM transmission and transfer case is mandatory. They must have been an option on a one-ton or smaller pickup.
  11. Driver Restraint System: The OEM restraint system is mandatory and must be worn.
  12. Driveshaft Loops: All trucks must have a minimum of six-inch wide u-joint shields around the rear and the front u-joints constructed of at least 1⁄4 inch steel or 3/8 inch aluminum that will safely contain the u-joints and the end of the rear shaft. Chain safety loops are not permitted. Drive shafts must have at least two loops on each shaft with a minimum of 3/4″ wide and 1/8” thick steel or 1/4” aluminum with a minimum of 2” clearance.
  13. Engine: The engine block must have been available as a factory option on a one-ton or smaller pickup truck. Blocks must circulate coolant freely. Water pumps must be present, but may be powered electrically. The use of concrete or other block fillers is prohibited. All factory belt driven accessories, excluding the air conditioning compressor, must be retained and powered via the crankshaft by a standard serpentine or “V” belt. Electric fans are permitted. Aftermarket radiator assemblies are permitted, but must be securely mounted in the same area as the OEM unit. Maximum cubic inch limit is 502ci. OEM fuel injection allowed if using OEM fuel lines/rails. Aftermarket cast blocks allowed, Aftermarket intakes allowed. Single piece 4 barrel carburetor limited to a 4150 style base. No dominators or split carburetors allowed .Engine driven fans require 360 degree metal shielding. Aluminum heads allowed on small block engines ONLY!
  14. Exhaust: Must exit behind cab. Open exhaust is permitted.
  15. Fire Extinguisher System: A minimum of a 2.5lb fire extinguisher must be loaded and in the vehicle.
  16. Fuel: Gas is the only fuel permitted. Aftermarket fuel cells are allowed. Use of Alcohol is prohibited.
  17. Harmonic Balancer: Must be SFI approved. Or be shielded 360 degree with 1⁄4 in steel.
  18. Hitch: Hitch pin may be no smaller than grade 8 5/8” pin/bolt. Must be attached to the
    frame only including bracing and supports. No bracing or supports can be attached to the body, axle, or the suspension. Hook point cannot exceed 26” from the ground. Hook point of hitch must be the furthest point back of the truck. No point of the hitch may attach forward of the center line of the rear axle. Sled stops are the only thing that may extend rearward of the hitch.
  19. Nitrous Oxide:Propane AND THE USE OF OTHER OXYGEN EXTENDERS ARE PROHIBITED. All system components MUST be removed. No power adders, blowers, turbo, etc.
  20. Rear End: Non-OEM rear-ends housings are prohibited. The rear end must have been an option on a 1-ton or smaller truck. Rear axle bolts to be covered by a cap or shield.
  21. Safety: All trucks must have a working kill switch with a minimum of a 2” round diameter ring. Located in the rear center of the truck easy to reach and free from the chain and draw bar. When pulled must kill all power to the ignition and fuel pump. Drivers must wear a helmet. All other safety and general rules must be followed.
  22. Steering: The vehicle must retain the full, original OEM steering gear. The vehicle must retain the original OEM power steering assistance, if it was so equipped. Additional stabilizers are permitted. Non-OEM power assist methods are permitted.
  23. Suspension, Front: The factory suspension configuration must be retained. The upper mounting point for strut assemblies must be in the factory location. Adjustable caster/ camber pillow ball mounts are permitted. The lower control arm may be strengthened provide factory-mounting points to chassis are maintained. The lower mounting point for the strut assembly may be modified for improved caster or camber. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars and devices are permitted.
  24. Suspension, Rear: An OEM-style suspension is mandatory. Traction bars and devices are permitted; they must be bolt on only; welds are permitted for attachment to frame or axle housing. Control arms may be strengthened or replaced, provided all original mounting points are retained. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, limit straps, and camber kits are permitted. The rear suspension may be bolted solid to eliminate travel. Blocking of the rear suspension is permitted.
  25. Tires: Tires must be DOT street tires, cut tires are prohibited, no siping. No “Real Style” wheels, must be DOT approved. No screwing of beads. Max tire size 35×12.50 or equivalent. No dual wheels.
  26. Transfer Case: Non-OEM transfer cases are prohibited. It must have been an option on a one-ton or smaller pickup truck.
  27. Transmission: Must be from a passenger vehicle rated one ton or less. All trucks require a reverse light. Automatic transmissions require a 3 strap SFI approved blanket or a SFI approved Kevlar shield. Manual transmissions require an SFI approved bell housing.
  28. Wheelbase: The vehicle must retain the original factory wheelbase and track width. Front and rear wheels must have same wheel offset. Final decision resides with CT Truck Pullers Tech Officials.
  29. Interior: No batteries, water hoses or fuel lines allowed in cab. Full OEM interior including dash, seat, glass, firewall, etc. Aftermarket seats allowed.

Open Gas/Diesel Combined 7000lb

  1. Open to any truck that meets the rules for one of the following CT Truck Pullers classes: factory stock 6800, street stock 6200, enhanced 6500, workstock 2.5 8500.
  2. Hitch height for any truck at or below 7000lb is max 26”.
  3. Any factory stock gas or 2.5 workstock diesel that exceeds the weight limit of 7000lb for this class, after removing all unnecessary parts(i.e. tailgate, spare tire, etc.) can weigh up to 7200lb for factory stock trucks or 7400lb for 2.5 work stock diesel trucks BUT will have to pull with a 22” max hitch height.
  4. No full hydro steering.
  5. No front hanging weight.

Workstock Diesel 8500lb

  1. Weight max. 8500lb with driver.
  2. 2.5, 2.6 smooth bore turbos.
  3. U-joints must be taped(shields strongly recommended).
  4. Factory case transmission.
  5. Full interior required.
  6. Ladder bars allowed.
  7. 1” rear suspension gap.
  8. NO hanging weight.
  9. Hitch max height 26”.
  10. Hitch must hit before any sheet metal of truck.
  11. 3/8 bolts in x pattern in exhaust closest to turbo unless you have stacks or upward facing exhaust.
  12. NO water, meth or injectables.
  13. NO dual wheels.
  14. Factory appearance required to include working headlights, signals, brake lights, etc.

Enhanced Diesel 8000lb

  1. Weight max. 8000lb with driver.
  2. Driveline shields required.
  3. 2.6 turbo, 3.0 smooth bore turbo.
  4. Air to water.
  5. Over 4500 rpm fluid dampener required.
  6. Air shutoff kill switch mandatory.
  7. Transmission blanket required.
  8. Sled stops required.
  9. Driver required to wear fire suit during competition.
  10. Front hanging weight may be 60” max from front axel.
  11. Dual wheels allowed.
  12. Lockers allowed.
  13. 3/8 bolts in x pattern in exhaust closest to turbo unless you have stacks or upward facing exhaust.
  14. 8500 Work Stock trucks that have passed tech inspection for 8500 Work Stock may pull this class but may not hang weight from front.
  15. NO nitrous.
  1. Factory Stock Gas 4×4 6800lb
  2. Street Stock Gas 4×4 6200lb
  3. Enhanced Gas 4×4 6500lb
  4. Open Gas/Diesel Combined 7000lb
  5. Workstock Diesel 8500lb
  6. Enhanced Diesel 8000lb
Pulls / Draws