Whether you own prize-winning livestock or just want to see who does, the Berlin Fair is the place to be. Judging livestock (beef and dairy cattle, poultry, rabbits, and sheep) is a fascinating science that carefully analyzes animals and measures them against a standard that is commonly accepted as being ideal.

Beef and Dairy Cattle

Please specify breed on entry along with your address and phone number, Social Security number and total head entered. Juniors list birthdate, Social Security number, health dates and I.D. numbers on animals. All must send in copy of health papers.

Fair Rules and Regulations

  1. Please read additional State health rules and requirements located in front of Fair book for CT Shows and Fairs, or at the CT Dept. of Agriculture Web site.
  2. To be accepted, the Entry Form must be filled out and returned by the due date.
  3. In state entries accepted after August 15th. Out of state entries accepted after August 18th. Please provide separately mailed entries per exhibitor. Groups or clubs mailed together will be placed as one entry unit. No phone entries, no online entries. Postmarked mail only.
  4. Out-of-State exhibitors limited to a total of eight (8) animals. In state limited to twelve (12), unless extra spaces available. You will be notified if extra space is available.
  5. No Beef Bulls over 5 months old will be allowed on the fair grounds, and all must have rings in their noses. No Oxen allowed in Beef show, or barn.
  6. Registration Certificates of all animals must be submitted to the Superintendents for inspection and verification of eligibility classes and health papers.
  7. Premiums will be paid on the following breeds: Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Angus, Hereford, Market beef, Simmental, Chianina, Crossbreed and any other registered breed of 6 or more and A.O.B.
  8. All exhibitors shall furnish their own hay and grain.
  9. Cattle must be on the fair grounds by Thursday, after 12 Noon and before 9:00 p.m., and stay in place until Sunday 6:30 p.m.
  10. Judging of Dairy Cattle will be Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Beef show will be on Friday at 9:00 a.m., if possible.
  11. Base dates to be used in dairy classes are March 1st and September 1st.
  12. Exhibitors will be assigned specified areas in the barn by Superintendents. No exceptions.
  13. All animals must be double tied.
  14. Exhibitors will be required to maintain their respective areas in a clean and orderly condition at all times. Cattle must be halter broken and properly groomed. All animals whose health or physical condition is questioned are subject to a Veterinary exam at exhibitor’s expense.
  15. All animals must be entered in owner’s name, Limit: three entries per class per exhibitor except where otherwise noted. Animals may be leased in junior Show with only 3 per exhibitor.
  16. The exhibitor is the farm title or person’s name that appears as the owner of the animal on the Registration papers. The name that appears as the breeder must be the name as owner in order for animal to be exhibited in Best Three Females. In case of leased animals, the lessor is the owner.
  17. All animals must be shown in their individual classes to be eligible for group classes.
  18. Junior show is open to anyone 19 years and under as of the first day of the fair. All Junior exhibitors must take part in Fitting and Showing Classes to collect junior premiums. Older Juniors (13+ years) must do most of the work themselves. All Junior dairy exhibitors must wear “show whites”. All Junior beef exhibitors must wear white tops and black bottoms, no exceptions. In case of low number of youths, showmanship classes may be combined or divided as needed. All showmanship animals must be in juniors name or have lease papers to receive premiums. All attempts for junior’s to show their own animals is expected.
  19. All animals bought or leased by a junior exhibitor must be owned by May 31st and must be registered in his or her name. Lease agreement must be available with registration papers. 4-H animals must also have 4-H office authorization and date include. All other juniors must have a formal typewritten lease papers, signed and dated by May 31st per Eastern States Rules.
  20. Junior premiums are 80% of Open Show Premiums.
  21. No entries or cattle will be accepted after barn is filled. No substitutes without supt. approval.
  22. Where there is no competition, each animal will be judged and placed according to its own merit premiums paid in accordance with placings. The Judges decision is final.
  23. Market beef is open to steers that will not be shown in any breed classes.
  24. In Beef Show, no steers in group classes, per State and National Show Rules.
  25. The Fair or any of its cattle Supt. or Assistants have the right to deny entry or premiums to anyone who does not comply with above rules.
  26. The Supt’s of Berlin Fair reserve the right to interpret all rules and regulations governing the show and make decisions necessary.
  27. The showing of unethically fitted livestock or livestock ineligible for show in the class is prohibited.
  28. No oversized campers or RV parking inside gates without prior consent of cattle superintendants.

Please Note: Animals and Exhibitors not complying with above regulations will be removed from the fair grounds. All health and registry papers must accompany animals and be available for inspection at any time during fair or show, by State or local Vet, or Cattle Superintendent’s.

  1. Dairy Herdsman, for exhibitors under 19 years (Trophy)
  2. Beef Herdsman, for exhibitors over 19 years (Trophy)
  3. Showmanship, Dairy and Beef.
    1. 11 years and under
    2. 12 years to 15 years
    3. 16 years to 19 years
    4. Grand and Reserve Champion Showman
    5. Over the Hill Showmanship (Ribbon)
    6. Most Informative and educational display ($30.00)
  1. Beef cattle
    1. Bull Calf-born May-June 2016, which are not in market beef class
    2. Junior Calf-born March-May 2016
    3. Inter. Heifer Calf-December-February
    4. Senior Heifer Calf-born September-November
    5. Summer Yearling-June-August
    6. Junior Yearling-born March-May
    7. Inter. Yearling-born December-February
    8. Senior Yearling-September-November
      Junior Champion-Ribbon
    9. 2 year old Cow-born September-August
    10. 3 year old Cow-born September-August
    11. 4 year old Cow-born September-August
    12. Aged Cow-over 5 years
      Senior Champion-Ribbon and reserve
      Grand and Reserve Champion Female-Ribbon
    13. Cow and Calf Cow-Calf up to 6 mos. 2 groups only per exhibitor
    14. Best Three Females, any age, all bred and owned by one exhibitor, 2 group per exhibitor only.
    15. Get of Sire, 3 animals any age, unregistered animals must show proof of sire One bull per group. 2 groups per exhibitor only.
    16. Produce of Dam, 2 animals any age, produce of one cow. 2 groups per exhibitor only.
    17. Market beef, Lightweight-6 months and under
    18. Market beef, Mediumweight-6 months to 1 year
    19. Market beef, Heavyweight-over 1 year
    20. Grand Champion Female of All Breeds-Ribbon
    21. Grand Champion Steer-Ribbon
    22. Grand Champion Bull-Ribbon
    23. Farm Herd, 4 animals, any age, 2 or more breeds from 1 farm, open show only
  2. Dairy Cattle-Junior and Open Show
    Registered Stock
  1. Junior Calf-born March-May 2016
  2. Inter. Calf-born December-February
  3. Senior Calf-born September-November
  4. Summer Yearling-born June-August
  5. Junior Yearling-born March-May
  6. Inter. Yearling-born December-February
  7. Senior Yearling-born September-November (not in milk)
    Junior Champion-Ribbon
  8. 2 year old Cow in milk-born September-August
  9. 3 year old Cow in milk-born September-August
  10. 4 year old Cow in milk-born September-August
  11. Aged Cow in milk-over 5 years
  12. Dry Cow-any age
    Senior Champion-Ribbon and Reserve
    Grand and Reserve champion Female-Ribbon
  13. Get of Sire-3 Females by the same sire, only 2 groups per exhibitor
  14. Best Three Females-any age, all bred and owned by one exhibitor, only 2 groups per exhibitor
  15. Produce of Dam-2 animals any age, the produce of one cow, only 2 groups per exhibitor
  16. Dam and Daughter pair, no age requirement, only 2 groups per exhibitor
  17. Junior Dairy Herd-3 cows, 2 years and under, owned by one exhibitor, only 2 groups per exhibitor, all one breed – exhibitor can only go into this class or class v.
  18. Dairy Herd-3 cows, 2 years and over, must have calved at least once, owned by one exhibitor, only 2 groups per exhibitor
  19. Club Herd-5 animals owned by at least 3 members of one club, Junior Show only. Only one herd per club or organization. Junior Show only.
  20. Grand Champion Female of all Breeds-Ribbon
  21. Best Udder-Selected by Judge
  22. Farm Herd – 4 animals, any age, 2 or more breeds, from 1 farm, open show only
  • First: $60.00
  • Second: $50.00
  • Third: $40.00
  • Fourth: $30.00
  • Fifth: $20.00
Mail entry to:
Melissa Greenbacker Dziurgot
148 Wallingford Road
Durham, CT 06422

  1. Beef and Dairy Cattle Registration form


  1. Entries will be limited to two per farm or family per class.  Entries must specify Open or Junior Show.
  2. Entries close on September 1 or when pens are full.
  3. Please indicate each breed of animal on entry form next to class list and enclose a copy of current health papers with entry form along.
  4. Judging will be on Saturday at 9:00am
  5. Space is limited. Entries are first come, first serve.
  6. There is a limit of 10 animals per family and/or farm.
  7. Animals may be penned Thursday before the starting at 5pm and ending at 10pm. Animals must remain on the Fairgrounds until 7pm Sunday.
  8. A current health certificate must be shown to the superintendent prior to unloading animals, and the superintendent will make a health inspection for conformance to state health regulations before allowing an animal to be penned or remain on the grounds.
  9. Animal bedding will be provided upon arrival.
  10. Farm displays, pen decorations, and any other creative ideas to attract interest and educate the public about Dairy Goats will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Breed Classes will be determined by entry. Each recognized breed will be judged separately. Each animal needs to be entered in classes 1-11 to be eligible for classes 15-18.
  12. All exhibitors will be entered in class 19.
  13. Exhibitors must be present at time of judging.
  14. There will be no pre-show milk-out. However, any animal showing excessive udder distension will be excused from the show ring.
  15. Dressing in dairyman whites, and fitting the animals for show is required, strongly encouraged each exhibitor enter fitting and showmanship.
1. Milking Does 2 years and younger$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
2. Milking Does 3-4 years$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
3. Milking Does 5 years and older$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
4. Senior Champion by breedRosette
5. Senior Reserve Champion by breedRosette
6. Best Senior Doe In Show all breeds competeRosette
7. Kid Does 3 Months and under$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
8. Kid Does 4-6 Months$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
9. Kid Does 7-12 Months$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
10. Yearling Does, not in milk$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
11. Junior Champion by breedRosette
12. Junior Reserve Champion by breedRosette
13. Best Junior Doe In Show all breeds competeTrophy
14. Fitting and Showmanship: a. 1st Year ShowingTrophy, $25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
14. Fitting and Showmanship: b. Junior (Age 7-12)Trophy, $25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
14. Fitting and Showmanship: c. Senior (Age 13-18)Trophy, $30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
14. Fitting and Showmanship: d. Over the Hill Showmanship Over 18 years oldTrophy, $35.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
15. Best 3 Females, any Age or Breed Compete all together$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
16. GET OF SIRE, 4 does sired by the same buck. Compete all together$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
17. Produce of Dam, 2 does produced by same doe. Compete all together$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
18. Dam/Daughter. Compete all together$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
19. Pen Decoration (all exhibitors are entered into this class)$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
Use the online registration process.If registering by paper, send entries to:
Berlin Fair Goat Show
10 Champion Hill Rd
East Hampton, CT 06424


  • Each exhibitor’s birds must be pullorum-typhoid tested by the State before any entry can be accepted. Pullorum-typhoid certificates are issued by the State after the birds have been tested and passed.
  • Please read additional State health rules and requirements located in front of Fair book for CT Shows and Fairs, or at the CT Dept. of Agriculture Web site.
  • Entries must be mailed to the Superintendent no later than the second Wednesday in September.
  • Entries to be limited to a maximum of 5 breeds per family. Bantams or Standard. Please include size of cage required (XL, L, M, S). Please indicate if birds can be cooped as pairs.
  • Connecticut entries will be given preference up to coop capacity.
  • The Berlin Fair agrees to furnish coops, water, feed and reasonable care and protection from 5:00 P.M. Thursday, of fair week but will not be responsible for losses of any nature. All coops and equipment will be disinfected before use.
  • All specimens competing must be the property of the exhibitor, a standard recognized breed or cross and in good physical condition.
  • All entries must be dusted prior to showing. Fair veterinarians will examine all entries. Any entry found not to be show worthy will be asked to be removed. In all cases the fair veterinarians decision is final.
  • Birds may be delivered to the Fair Grounds Thursday, of fair week from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.  At this time the entry fee of $1.00 per bird will be collected.
  • Premium money and ribbons may be picked up at the Premium Booth on Saturday afternoon.
  • Any bird not worthy of its breed or a prize rating, in the opinion of the judge, will not receive recognition.
  • In all cases the judges decision is final.
  • Birds cannot be removed before 6:30 p.m. on Sunday as per rules and regulations. Birds cannot be sold on the fair grounds.

Prizes for each class-Cock, Hen, Cockerel, Pullet

  • First: $7.00
  • Second: $5.00
  • Third: $3.00

Only Youth exhibits (up to 16 years of age) will receive ribbons.

Champion Rose plus $10.00 Premium will be awarded to the following:

  • Best Game Bantam, Best Standard Exhibition Bird, Best Water Fowl
  • Best Clean Leg Bantam
  • Best Featherleg Bantam, Best Turkey

A trophy and $25.00 Premium will be awarded to the Grand Champion (Best in Show).



Send Entries To:

T. Campanelli
285 Southington Rd.
Kensington, CT 06037


This is an Official American Rabbit Breeders Association (A.R.B.A.) Sanctions Show.  Pet stock will also be accepted.


All entries must arrive and depart in secured carriers/boxes.

Exhibitors must provide 2 heavyweight dishes.

No Walk in entries will be allowed – mail in entries only.

Please read additional State health rules and requirements located in front of Fair book for CT Shows and Fairs, or at the CT Dept. of Agriculture Web site.

Pet Class

Open to rabbits of all kinds. Judged on overall appearance and temperament as would befit a PET rabbit. No fee is charged to enter the Pet class. Entries are limited to 6 (six) per family.

A.R.B.A. Class

Judging will be conducted in accordance with Official A.R.B.A. Rules and Regulations. a non-refundable fee of 75 cents per rabbit must accompany entry. Entries are limited to 20 (twenty) maximum including pets per family and forms must be received no later than Tuesday, the week of the fair. No walk-ins will be accepted.

  1. All rabbits entered in A.R.B.A. class must have a permanent tattoo in the left ear.
  2. Entries will be received at the Rabbit building beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday of fair week. All rabbits must be cooped by 6 p.m. on Thursday. Judging will be conducted on Thursday at 7 p.m.
  3. No rabbits are to be sold unless they are entered in the show and cannot be removed until 6:30 p.m. on Sunday. No exhibitors will be allowed in cages after check in Thursday.
  4. Only ear # changes in same class will be accepted.
  5. Sick or diseased animals will not be admitted and will be quarantined if noticed after admission or disqualified if found to be diseased by the judge.
  6. Only 1 (one) doe and litter entry per family will be accepted and must be a minimum of 8 (eight) weeks old. Limit of 6 per litter.
  7. Entries will be accepted up to coop capacity.
  8. All ARBA exhibitors must provide 2 heavyweight dishes.

The Berlin Lions club will take every precaution against loss, accidents or damage, but will not be held responsible for any misfortunes.

Pet Class

  • Ribbons will be awarded for 1-3rd place with cash awards of $5, $4, and $3, respectively.
  • Trophy will be awarded for Best Pet and Rosette for Best Reserve Pet in show.

A.R.B.A. class

  • Ribbons will be awarded for 1-3rd place with cash awards of $8, $7, and $6, respectively.
  • Rosettes for Best of Breed of 10 breeds exhibiting largest number of rabbits.
  • Trophy and $25 for Best and Trophy and $15 for Best Reserve in Show

Mail entries to:
Kathy Thomas
35 Pheasant Run
Kensington, CT. 06037

Checks should be made payable to Berlin Fair Association.


  1. Pure Bred Registered Stock
  2. Judging will be on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
  3. Entries close on September 1 or when pens are full.
  4. Owner or Shepherd must be present at time of judging.
  5. All Pure Bred Breeds compete separately.
  6. Entries limited to 2 per family or farm per class.
  7. Exhibitors must furnish own feed, bedding will be furnished.
    • Yearling Ram – 1 year old, but not 2 years old
    • Senior Lambs – 6-12 months old.
    • Junior Lambs – 3-6 months old.
  8. Classes 16 through 19 to be made up from animals in or from Classes 1 through 11
  9. Age 18 and under are considered Juniors.
  10. Entries must specify Open or Junior Show.
  11. Health paper and ear tag numbers required with entry. Please read additional State health rules and requirements located in front of Fair book for CT Shows and Fairs, or at the CT Dept. of Agriculture Web site.
  12. Limit 20 animals per farm or family.
  13. All Exhibitors will be entered in class (21).
  14. Any changes will be at the discretion of the Superintendent.
1. Ram, yearling$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
2. Ram, Lamb, Sr$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
3. Ram, Lamb, Jr$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
4. Pair, Ram Lambs$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
5. Champion Ram, (Each Breed)Rosette
6. Aged Ewe$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
7. Yearling Eve$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
8. Pair, Yearling Ewes$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
9. Ewe, Lamb, Sr.$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
10. Ewe, Lamb, Jr.$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
11. Pair, Ewe Lambs$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
12. Champion Ewe, (Each Breed)Rosette
13. Breeder’s Young Flock, 1 Ram any age, 2 Yearling Ewes, 2 Ewe Lambs, All bred and owned by exhibitor$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
14. Exhibitor Flock: 1 Ram any age, 1 Yearling Ewe, 2 Ewe lambs. Need not be bred and owned by exhibitor$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
15. Market Lambs: Either Wethers or Grade Ewe Lambs. No purebred lambs allowed. a. Light Weight$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
15. Market Lambs: Either Wethers or Grade Ewe Lambs. No purebred lambs allowed. b. Heavy Weight$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
16. Fitting and Showmanship: (no rams allowed) a. 1st Year ShowingTrophy, $25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
16. Fitting and Showmanship: (no rams allowed) b. Junior (Age 7-12)Trophy, $25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
16. Fitting and Showmanship: (no rams allowed) c. Senior (Age 13-18)Trophy, $30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
16. Fitting and Showmanship: (no rams allowed) d. Over the Hill Showmanship Over 18 years oldTrophy, $35.00$30.00$25.00$20.00
17. Best 3 Females, any Age or Group$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
18. GET OF SIRE, 4 Animals Any Sex or Group, Sired by Same Ram$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
19. Produce of Dam, 2 Yearling & 1 Lamb or 1 Yearling, 2 Lambs any age or sex produced by same Ewe$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00
20. Best Set of Twins any age$25.00$20.00$15.00$10.00
21. Pen Decoration (all exhibitors are entered into this class)$30.00$25.00$20.00$15.00

Premier Award-Trophy

Best animal bred and owned by exhibitor in competition. Owner must show certificate. Fat lambs not included. Limited to 2 entries per exhibitor.

Register using our online registration process.

Registrations will be taken online only at: