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The Nutmeg Kart Club at the Berlin Lions “World of Wheels” WKA Master Track

Come see drivers both young and old from the Nutmeg Kart Club in Berlin Connecticut take to the newly enlarged World Karting Association 1/12th mile dirt oval master track. This is the last official points event of the year and championships will be won and lost this weekend. Come on out to see some exciting, fast paced, hard nosed, short track racing at its finest.

Who is the Nutmeg Kart Club?

The Nutmeg Kart Club is a not for profit family oriented organization that was formed in Shelton Connecticut 35 years ago. As things all change in our personal lives we too saw change as we held our very last race in Shelton in October of 2008. After 35 years we found ourselves in search of a new home.

The Berlin Lion’s Club came to our rescue when they offered us the use of their “World of Wheels” facility. We were so excited to be given new life, and to be associated with such a strong well respected organization such as the Lions. There are no words to truly reflect how much this means to us… we will forever be indebted to the Berlin Lions.

Although the address for our track has changed our club is still the great club it has always been. 90% of our memberships are family memberships, some of which are 3 generations racing together, spending their Sunday’s bonding, growing, learning and yes… Racing. What other sporting activity do you know of that has grandchildren playing with grandparents for almost 8 months out of the year?

What is kart racing?

The “go-kart” phenomenon began in the late 1950’s as a fun and affordable form of motorsports with informal parking lot events rapidly growing into organized competition on purpose-built tracks. Since then, the sport has spread around the world, forming a true “grassroots” of motorsports. While the “go” in the name has long since been dropped by those involved with the sport, karting (properly spelled with a “k”) has gone on to become a primary recreational activity for an estimated 100,000 plus Americans annually.

Karting can be a relatively inexpensive hobby or a legitimate and sophisticated training ground for those looking to move into other forms of professional motorsports. A majority of today’s drivers at the highest levels of racing trace their beginnings to competitive karting. They include Tony Stewart, Sam Hornish Jr, Sara Fisher and Danica Patrick, to name just a few. Many others have made karting a life long hobby and/or career.

What is a kart?

They have no suspension, are about 72” long, 50” wide, and weigh approximately 150 pounds minus the driver. Engines vary from1.5 to over 20 horsepower, depending upon the class. What is not a kart are the vehicles often sold in hardware and auto parts stores aptly called “yard karts”. They are fine for putting-about on the back yard, but are not designed for racing. Competitive karts are for tracks only never on the street or an unsafe area.

Organized events are available to individuals beginning at age 5. Formal competitive classes begin at the junior stage (age 8) and generally run in 3-year age groupings until “senior” status is reached (age 15). Around 65 percent of competitive event entrants are juniors.

Driver’s Ages

Our club this year has karts that are driven in competitive races by drivers between the ages of Five – Sixty Six and are divided into 12 classes: Kid Kart, Junior 1 Rookie, Junior Sportsman 1, Junior Sportsman 2, Junior Sportsman 3, Junior Sportsman Champ, Animal Lite, Animal Heavy, Animal Over 35, Senior Clones and the Roaring Lion’s Senior Champ Clones.

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