Made in America Crafters Building

The Berlin Lions Agricultural Fair is looking for American Made Crafters for our new “Made in America Crafters Building” at the 2015 Berlin Fair. This will be indoor, secure rental space.

In order to be part of this wonderful opportunity you must meet the following criteria:

  • The vendor must be a US based vendor, with 5 employees or less.
  • The final product must be made in the USA – with 70% or more of the items used to make the product from the USA.
  • The vendor must attend all three (3) days.
  • No imported or pre-made imported items.
  • You must have your own insurance, or purchase it from us.

The rental cost is:

  • Inside: $35.00/frontage foot with a 30% surcharge for corners (10′ minimum and 5′ increments)
ngalottiMade in America Crafters Building